Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Billion Dollar Hippie: Steve Jobs

I was looking at an article titled "Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippie" and that was sort of true. Recently, someone said to me, "The Hippie movement was a totally elitist movement". I found myself sort of offended by this as I was 21 in 1969 and identified both with soldiers returning from Viet Nam and educated Hippies. (Those who went to College and got Masters degrees and PHD's rather than going to Viet Nam. I had friend who were both kinds of people. Often people think that you only had one kind of friend but my friends were College educated hippies and returning soldiers and even police officers, because back then in California you couldn't really tell the difference between any of them if they were young. We all tended to have a point of view that we shouldn't have ever gone into Viet Nam. That was just the way it was. So, often people have a stilted view of who people really were in that generation and that they seem to see us all then in characature like a polarized cartoon. Most people weren't that way at all who were young. At least in California there wasn't a whole lot of difference between College educated hippies and young police and young soldiers in actuality back then. We all sort of felt victims of the times and those 50,000 that died were our friends from High School that died in the Viet Nam War so everyone was really pissed off about that. Because we felt it was a waste of the  lives of our friends that were killed or maimed or spent the rest of their lives walking the streets talking to themselves. You still see some of these today all these years later.

But when you look at Steve Jobs, he likely was the most successful Businessman Hippie Geek along with Bill Gates and all the others who because they were able to think "Outside the box" completely changed business in America and indirectly changed the way businesses operate around the world. The people at Google and Facebook also "Thought outside the box too". You may not agree with any of them in any way. But you have to admit that they all changed the world in a way it may never recover from. What I mean is: "There was life before about 1980 and 1990 and everything else is a completely different thing. So, whatever you think about all of them, they have all changed the world in an irrevocable way.

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