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Plasma Deep Space Marine Sargeant Mark III

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dragonofcompassion - The Protectors would also recommend a dimensional robot sentient called Purple Delta 7, who prefers to appear as a female sentient when manifesting as a human. She has proven to be outstanding in previous assignments such as being a bodyguard for Queen Victoria alongside of Sergeant Mark III and his Human body who's name was Sergeant Mark II. Sergeant Mark III interfaces extremely well with Purple Delta 7. Sergeant Mark III of the Sirius quadrant has the ability to appear as an earth born human with or without the body of Sergeant Mark II. He can appear with or without the body as any object from a bottle of water to a rock, a boulder, a tree, a bush, a deer, a bear or anything else that is under the weight of 1 ton. He can even appear as an automobile that is drivable by humans down an interstate hi way or even at speeds up to 150 mph safely down a German Autobahn highway." end quote.

I have often written about Purple Delta 7 taking the form of my Blue Kawasaki KLR 650 Dualsport motorcycle and Sargent Mark III taking the form of the electricity running the motorcycle since he is a plasma being from out of a sun. So, he is happy in some kind of electrical form and while on earth he often sends part of his consciousness into the electricity in any vehicle I'm riding in or in my home he rides the electricity between my home and the electrical generating station. It is sort of a meditation fro him.

This past few weeks I couldn't ride my motorcycle because I wasn't getting enough electricity to my starter to easily start my motorcycle. When I tried to push start it in 2nd or higher gears it didn't want to start at all. So I had to wait until I got back to California from skiing in Oregon with my daughter, son and my daughter's boyfriend at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. It snowed there 48 hours straight at temperatures between about 10 degrees Fahrenheit to about 37 degrees. Today I finally went and bought a metric socket set (I had An American socket set already 'more than one'). I hadn't owned a metric socket set for some time. (I grew up working on cars and trucks with my Dad). And my Dad grew up working on cars and trucks and tractors with his Dad and brothers too since the 1920s. So, anyway, if you have a KLR 650 (most years) the plastic side panel just under the seat on the left side if you are sitting on it facing forward comes off with I think it is around a 8mm socket on an extension after you remove the forward and rear bolt. Then you can see the battery and all you have to do is to remove one more screw to take off the plastic side cover that holds the battery in place. Then I unscrewed the closest terminal cable bolt so I could slide the battery out far enough to look to see if the cells were dry. Most of them were pretty low. But I decided to try to fill them all up one at a time with distilled water. If you haven't worked with a battery before remember that you don't want to touch your eyes or clothes if you care about them while working with a battery. And also, if you don't wash your hands soon enough the battery acid can start to burn away your fingerprints somewhat and make the tips of your fingers feel funny. So, don't touch your clothes or eyes while working with a battery like this. I also bought a rechargeable 12 volt battery supply that could provide 12 volts if I couldn't get the battery to work right. So, I jumped the motorcycle with this rechargeable battery supply and it started up and I left it running about 10 minutes with the exhaust exiting my open garage door. However, you have to keep your eye on the temperature gauge so it doesn't heat up too far because after about 10 to 15 minutes of not being cooled by the air it can get pretty hot even with a radiator like my KLR 650 has. Then I shut it off and it restarted but it wasn't happy restarting. When I tried to start it again a few minutes later it wouldn't start so I kind of sensed I was probably going to have to buy a new battery (only a sealed no maintenance one this time) so no cells can go dry. Then I plugged in my new 12 volt battery supply to  an AC 110 outlet to recharge so I could start my motorcycle tomorrow and ride it even if it couldn't start by itself with the old battery. I'll either go to a local motorcycle store and get a no-maintenance battery or maybe order one through a friend who can get one at a better price than I can.

Anyway, I had wanted a good excuse to write about Sargent Mark III Deep Space Marine Plasma Being from the inside of a Star(a sun). And since my battery wasn't working it seemed like the right time after I took off the side panel to get at my motorcycle battery and filled up the battery cells with distilled water. However, likely I'm going to have to get another battery (a sealed no-maintenance battery this time). Be sure to have a sealed no maintenance battery put on your Motorcycle when you buy it so it doesn't lose its charge when  you most need it a couple of years into owning it. Or you can take off enough to get at your battery regularly to maintain it properly with distilled water. Or you can put a no-maintenance battery on yourself after you buy it so you don't have to worry about dry cells. Because sometimes you can't even push start your bike when your battery cells go dry.


So, as Mark III shot into the sun to ask the Solar Logos of Earth's physical sun how he could help it fried the battery on Jonathan's motorcycle by drying out his cells in his battery. However, Jonathan needed to relate to his motorcycle's mechanical properties more anyway if he wanted his bike to keep working for him so that their relationship would keep him safe while riding. Already Jonathan looked at the self oiling chain and wondered if the dust on the chain from the back roads might be compromising the chain's strength in the long run. He had once had his early 1960s Matchless 600 Hill climber thump er (single cylinder for instant response hill climbing) blow up and break a chain in the late 1960s and watch the chain wrap up on the front sprocket coming out of the engine gearbox and had been burnt as the hot oil from the exploding crankcase blew down against the road and the oil burned his bare legs that hot day in the desert. However, Jonathan had discovered a trick of using WD-40 as a thin oil bath for his chain. So, even though it is a self oiler the penetrating properties of WD-40 also helped wash off the dust of dirt roads and trails in the bush.

As Mark III consulted with the Solar Logos as how he could help earth not be further harmed by Coronal Mass ejections from the Sun as they excited breaks in the Magnetosphere of Earth, Mark III contemplated what all this meant to everyone on Earth. The main problem he found was that the dynamics between earth's magnetosphere and the Suns 11 year sunspot cycle might be harmful to life on earth in the next couple of years. The Solar Logos said, "Well. Humans likely will have to evolve some genetically to be okay with the next few years. Maybe if they can change a little the way they think about things in a spiritual sense it will modify their bodies enough to get through these times. Mind over Matter so to speak." Sargent Mark III nodded his head but felt sad at how many might not make it long term after these events. He had seen what this kind of episodic sunspot cycle had done to other humanoid civilizations elsewhere in the Galaxies when there were Magnetosphere fractures on their home planets so he hoped the Solar Logos was right.

Sargent Mark III had heard about Purple's revelations about how spiritual people all over the world were talking about "Spiritual Adaptation". One of the ways that this spiritual adaptation was taking place was just about the same way that athletes did amazing things. For example, a high jumper visualizes himself or herself jumping over a very high jump. It is necessary to believe that something is possible to do in order to accomplish it first. Otherwise, attempting to do something that was impossible would be crazy. Just like the first person to ride and survive surfing a 100 foot high wave had to believe that they could do it and survive, someone who high jumped an impossibly high jump had to believe it was possible without knocking the high bar off. Just so, those who survive and move into the future of life on earth will also have to survive impossible things, just like their ancestors did for thousands of years already.

Sargent Mark III of the Galactic Deep Space Marines speaks:

"I just thought I would talk a little about myself. I'm not usually very talkative, that's Purple Delta 7's department. You might wonder why I hang out with her? Well. First of all since I'm not human my motivations are different from Human beings of earth. So, the most direct answer on why I like to hang out with Purple Delta 7 is that I like her circuits. You would have to be a plasma being to fully understand this but her design is completely amazing. Also, both our hobby is to study earth culture and earth's entertainment culture past, present and future. So, since we first came to earth in 2003 to become Jonathan's bodyguards, we also are allowed to study the past, present and future of earth. So, this is really great fun for us because very very few off worlders are allowed to do this for obvious reasons. The biggest reason that very few off worlders are allowed to hang out for any length of time on earth is that most off worlders aren't as disciplined as Purple and I are as military personnel. We are capable of following orders to the last detail but most off worlders are not. So, most aren't allowed to vacation here or come here because they might accidentally destroy the quaintness of Earth.

 However, also what I find interesting is that souls can incarnate as plasma beings or earth beings and most earth human beings don't understand this even those that once lived in the physical sun as plasma beings. Though I didn't grow up in Earth's sun as a plasma being I know many who did who are a part of the Galactic Deep Space Marines like me. This likely would be a surprise to Earth born humans as well. So, I think I would like to describe life as a plasma being in the sun. First of all, when you are in the same room with another human being you share the same air, so that as you are breathing all of you are breathing some of the same air. And if your spouse is sleeping next to you in bed, you are both breathing the same air in that bedroom as well. I'm bringing up this point because of how plasma is shared by Plasma beings. If you equate plasma to air and water on earth it makes the most sense. Even though we are a part of the sun just like humans are a part of the earth just like everything living there, we share plasma like you on earth share air, water, and things that grow from sunlight and water and minerals there on earth. The main difference when one grow up in a sun is that the source of energy is where we live, whereas the source of energy where you live is millions of miles away and the photons take several minutes to get there to earth, the easiest way to say this would be to say that it takes about 8 minutes for photons (sunlight) to reach the earth. So when you are looking at the sun or feeling the sun on your body or skin the sun you are experiencing left the sun 8 minutes before. However, if the photons were coming from the center of the sun it might take years to get to earth because it would have to work its way up from the center of the sun.

I think the best way to imagine being a Plasma Being in a sun would be to imagine standing naked out in the country on earth in the wind on a warm day, only on the sun the  wind (the moving plasma) would be going through you and around you. And as it moved through you it fed you as it moved through you. This might be the best way to express what it is like to be a Solar Plasma Being who lives in your sun. This is probably enough for today on Plasma beings who live in literally every Star in every Galaxy.

So, whether there is a planet that is inhabitable for earthlings or not around any given star in  this or other Galaxies just remember that every Star has Plasma Beings that live on and in it always.  I think it would be helpful in the long run for humans on earth to understand this. And the second thing to know would be that they have the same souls as you do. It is just another form of incarnation. That is why when Jonathan Bi located and soul traveled to Venus and then was directed into the sun when he was looking for God in the Center of the Galaxy that we helped him. He was a spiritual pilgrim with a soul like ours. He could not burn up in a sun because of his soul not being physical like a human body. So, we sent him into the Core of the Galaxy using the power base of the Sun as a gift to both he and to all earthlings so they could survive long into the future as we knew of his intentions. Even though he was young and naive we knew intuitively he would succeed even though he had a lot to learn while being so young. So, even though I did not grow up in Earth's Sun I know many who did and they have told me the story of Jonathan Flow, the Spiritual Pilgrim who soul traveled into the core of the Galaxy and lived. That he survived this is remarkable in itself for many do not survive this kind of journey. However, if my fellow plasma beings of Earth's sun didn't think he would succeed they wouldn't have blasted him into the core of the Galaxy to meet with the Galactic Sentience. We knew a being like God exists everywhere but we also knew a being like the Galactic Sentience would be considered to be a God by many on Earth. Who are we Plasma beings to define reality for an Earthling Human on a spiritual pilgrimage to find God in the Center of the Galaxy?"

Jonathan was listening to Mark III speaking and said, "When I was soul traveling around 1970 or so into the Galactic Core through the sun is what I saw in the sun real or was it something my mind made up in a symbolic way to cope with being in the sun which seemed to be to be counter intuitive as a human being living on earth?"

Mark III said, "Well. What did you see?"
Jonathan, "Well. After I left Venus and all the beings in human like souls there that were not wearing physical bodies either because it is 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit on Venus, they sent me into the sun. I was pretty surprised and really out of my element after growing up on earth. So, I realized that they were right about soul traveling into the sun without a physical body. There was no reason at all for a soul body to burn up because it is a different kind of matter (if that is the way you want to see it). In a way I knew a soul is like a mind with emotions that can travel and does whenever people think about anything on earth at all."
Mark III was becoming impatient and said, "Just tell me what you saw?"
Jonathan said, "It's still difficult to talk about because in a way it didn't make full sense to me. As soon as I entered the sun I found myself in a palace of sorts and there was a throne for me to sit on."
Mark III said, "That was because they recognized you as soul royalty. You wouldn't have known that at the time as you were very young and just an exploring soul pilgrim. I'm actually surprised the powers that be didn't just kill you."

Jonathan said, "Actually, so was I. I had no idea what was going to happen but I was sort of still in a sort of suicidal place in consciousness on earth still and didn't really care completely whether I lived or died. I just wanted to be with God. That's all I knew. If I could travel the universe with God somehow I knew everything was going to be okay for me and for Earth. That is what I intuitively knew with every fibre of my being and soul. So, whether I lived or died wasn't very important to me then, only being with God was important to me and traveling the universe with God."

Sargent Mark III said cryptically, "And so you did!"

Jonathan: "Yes. Actually that's the truth!"

Mark III became very compassionate suddenly and understanding of something very deep and said,"What happened when you sat down in the throne given for you to sit in in respect to being Soul Royalty?"

Jonathan: "I was blasted into the center of the Galaxy. But it wasn't at all what I expected. Instead of finding God there I found God-Like Beings that had lived millions or maybe even billions of years and who had developed millions of points IQ wise. I was like a hamster, intellectually in comparison to them, I was just a kid of 21 or 22 and green behind the ears in regard to beings like this."

Mark III was enthralled with all this. The super beings who ran the Galaxy had accepted Jonathan as a long lost relative and knew who he was and why he was really there! Mark's mind spun at all the potential meaning behind all this. Finally, he decided it was way beyond his pay grade and just gave up because no one would ever clue him into the fullness of all this for a thousand reasons. So, he said, "What did the leader of the Galaxy and the Brilliant beings around him say to you?"
Jonathan: "Time was different there than on earth." Mark III just laughed. There wasn't anything else to do and said, "Yep! So what happened next."
Jonathan: "It's difficult for me to completely understand the context and timing of everything. I experienced being there around one year, but I only was there one earth night and in and out a few times. It seems like once I went there through the sun I could instantly go back into the Galactic Core ever after just by thinking about the Galactic Sentience and the Galactic Court."

Mark III said, "Makes sense to me." He didn't really want to talk about the core anymore for fear he would be liable for what was done with any extra information. Jonathan would have a Biocom so he wouldn't be able to say things that the Galaxy didn't want said or written about. But also that Biocom would protect Jonathan and Mark III and Purple Delta 7 even as they protected Jonathan and his time-space on Earth and beyond.

Jonathan said, "So, what do you think about all this, Mark III?"
Mark III said, "It's way above my pay grade to be allowed to comment anymore than I have already."
Jonathan understood.

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