Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Purple Delta 7 on Human Cyborgs

Purple just suddenly appeared out of thin air. "You called," She said. "Oh." said Jonathan who had never really got used to her showing up like this out of thin air even though he had known her and her companion deep space plasma being Marine at least 10 years in real time now.
Jonathan said, "Purple. How do you classify human cyborgs. I'm beginning to see that they are becoming more numerous. Do you classify someone with metal teeth fillings a cyborg or do they have to have one or more metal hip joints to be a cyborg or a metal plate in their head or arm or chest or leg?"

Purple said, "I classify all beings only by ability because this is necessary to kill or defeat them if it becomes necessary. There is no other classification necessary for me."
Jonathan found his hair standing up on the back of his neck. "Does that include me, Purple?"
Purple said, "I am one of your bodyguards. You are Galactic Royalty in both body and soul. You will never be considered a threat to me ever. If necessary I am to give up my life to save you. However, this will never be necesary because I have created thousands of redundant duplicates of myself just like Darpa did with Computers and dispersed these perfect duplicates of myself throughout all time and space. Should you or I be attacked or compromised or even killed my duplicates would avenge us instantly and likely temporarily destroy the Solar system until everything could be set right through time manipulation and those offending beings would never be born. I would go back and prevent either their births or their manufacture from ever having happened."

Jonathan went on, "So then, all classifications of this kind at least on earth will come from how humans classify cyborgs if they ever decided to."
Purple said, "Yes. That's correct!"

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