Monday, March 19, 2012

The Human Biological Technological Interface

There are different ways to perceive all this. After watching "Transcendent Man" some people will be horrified. However, many people would have been horrified here on earth in 1900 to observe the 20th century in all its societal and technological interface of wars, societal changes, genocide etc. So, the next 100 years is going to be horrifying to many or most people in some of the same ways. However, if people can stay calm and go over what we will face they will see that "There are no problems only opportunities" and those that can think this way will almost always succeed. Because the only failure is psychological not actual. As long as you are alive you have succeeded  and you have the potential of succeeding in various other ways as well. As long as you can isolate those opportunities you can move forward and have some happiness in your life.

So, when Kurzweil talks about artificial red blood cells moving throughout your body and mine (if we choose) and those artificial red blood cells communicating with our brain telepathically through some kind of radio signal as well as communicating with outside medical computers that will help us to not only stay alive but to monitor when we need gene manipulation to avoid cancers and various other diseases, you start to get the scope of potential immortality for many if not eventually most humans on earth. This does not stop death from accident or war or mayhem but it is a very good start at potential human immortality. By the year 2100 I believe that there will be at least some humans 200 years old and I believe that by 2050 there will be humans 150 years old still mobile with all their marbles. It is inevitable.

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