Friday, March 9, 2012

Non-Dualism one of the keys to holistic Adult thinking

An Adult is someone who can look at any situation and see all the good and bad and in between of any situation and weigh it and make useful decisions for themselves and their families and children and their friends and family if that is needed.

A Child often goes off into tangents of one kind or another and misses a lot of necessary and useful information. And unfortunately, a lot of the time adults often function as children in this sense. So, I try to avoid people who because of only going down one path and not able to see any other point of view even though that point of view is dangerous to themselves and to others.

So, once again being an adult is gathering information both good and bad about any given situation so useful decisions can be made regarding everything in their lives.

In the Judeo-Christian-Muslim world Dualism is a problem because of cultural conditioning. In societies in Asia more influenced by Buddhist thought Nihilism is a problem. To define nihilism if you don't want to Google it would be something like: Since everything in life is the same whatever decision I make doesn't matter. So nihilism is just a big a problem in Asia as dualism is in the Judeo-Christian-Muslim world.

Here is Wikipedia's definition of Nihilism if you aren't familiar with it:

Nihilism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nihilism is the philosophical doctrine suggesting the negation of one or more putatively meaningful aspects of life. Most commonly, nihilism is presented in the ...
end quote from Google and Wikipedia.

So, I guess the advantage of dualistic thinking would be that you are quick to make decisions and the advantage of non-dualistic thinking would be that you don't quickly define absolutely everything as good or bad but rather see everything sort of like the weather. Is rain good or bad? Is snow good or bad?
is wind good or bad? It all depends doesn't it? However, non-dualism as an adult is what we all face. Absolute good or bad doesn't exist in the real world out of the realm of internal fantasy, does it? So, unless we project our fantasy on the world and start killing people who don't share our fantasy, there really isn't a problem, is there? But does absolute good and bad exist anywhere? Probably not.

So, we are left with people and things and animals that are usually both good and bad at the same time and this is the world we ACTUALLY have to deal with which is much harder living in this "infinite shades of grey world than the fantasy world that individuals and groups around the world adhere to in their everyday lives.

So, the more educated and "out of fairy tales" most of the world is, the easier it will be for all people to get along. In this way all religions become only languages of expression among true citizens of the world. One may be able to speak in some or all of them to some degree and might even use these languages as they travel the world out of politeness to the people they meet wherever they go. Because if they don't likely the people there might kill them for not observing the rules of politeness of their countries.

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