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Dark Matter is a Silly Name for 96% of the Universe

A better name would be "Normal Matter", especially since it IS 96% of the Universe. I think it was named "Dark Matter" before anyone knew it was most of the universe and no one has changed it yet because the name stuck.

Another reason the name stuck was that for so long so many things were unknown about it. However, as more and more becomes known about "Dark Matter" I think it deserves a name like "Primary matter" or "The stuff Galaxies are made of" or even "Normal matter" with Galaxies being "Fluke matter" or " 4% of the matter of the universe".

At this point I am diverging from standard scientific thoughts about this and relaying my own personal experiences regarding "96% of the Universe".  The Galactics represents my actual experiences as a soul traveler that began around 1969 and 1970.

The one part of my life that was the pivotal part as a human that allowed me to move into a different paradigm where I was capable of soul travel I should share here as well, so you see that a paradigm shift is necessary for most humans to consciously soul travel. Everyone does soul travel every day as they think or daydream or night dream. But to tell this to most people might just unbalance or scare them because most people just don't want to think about this in this way. So I understand. So, if any of this scares you maybe you can just think of this as a story and pretend it isn't all real. Or if you are brave like I tend to be you can understand just how powerful a story this really is for a human being to tell.

After I started praying to God and his Ascended Masters like Jesus and his Angels and Archangels to help me to learn to consciously Soul Travel I was between 2 years old and 8 years old after seeing the Archangels when I was 2 when they came and healed me so I wouldn't die from Whooping Cough. Looking back now I think seeing them soul travel to heal me gave me the idea that this was what I wanted to do as well as the Archangels.

So, I started having experiences like one at age 15 where I dreamed I was in blue Greecian robes and was flying over earth like a Greek God in Blue robes and periodically lightning would blast out of my right hand down towards earth to explode bad things happening on earth and to end difficult problems people were having there. I never forgot this dream. Also, I had many many flying dreams of various kinds where I could fly. Many people say that this indicates that a person is psychically gifted when they can fly in their dreams. This whole awareness went into a quantum jump when I was 15 and I invoked God to live in my body with me and this caused my Childhood epilepsy to suddenly end when I did. At this point all my perceptions changed and my physical appearance changed and girls started falling in love with me because God lived in my body with me.

So, by the time I was 22 many things had happened and I had had many relationships with the girls and women in my life from age 15. I saw this as God empowering these women to be closer to him. But then again I was still young and naive in many ways as all young people are. So, when God finally let me soul travel I was not ready for it and almost died. I was going to college in San Diego County in Southern California and I had a bad cold so I went to the desert to a friend's desert cabin alone in my 1965 VW Bug. Since I was alone there trying to "Dry Out" my cold so I could continue my studies without getting any sicker, I went to sleep fairly early to get some rest as I wasn't feeling very well. But then about 2 AM I had to get up to go to the bathroom and relieve myself. So, I got up not realizing I wasn't in my physical body so when I tried to turn the light on my arm went through the wall. I was suddenly terrified realizing I was out of my physical body. My mind screamed in terror! I thought like a soldier does. What do I do now? I remembered reading that one in a case like this walks back to their body and lays down into it to reintegrate. So, this is what I did. However, my physical body began to shake in shock and I knew I might still go into shock or die of fright there all alone. So, I decided that this was just too spooky for me so I got up and packed my things into my car and drove home to Rancho Bernardo. As I drove away in my VW Bug I said to God, "You almost gave me a heart attack, God! You almost killed me! Please give me a Good experience next time so I don't die of fright!"

God did as I requested within the next month or so when I woke up and sat up out of my body at home in Rancho Bernardo. Because my hips to my legs were still attached to my soul body I was not afraid for some reason. Then another me walked into my door with an angelic look on its face and laid down into me and we laid down into my physical body. As we all lay down into my body on my bed I said, "Thank you God. I understand." I was okay. The paradigm shift had occurred. I knew a soul was real. I knew soul travel existed because I had somehow just done it. And eventually I understood why God had scared me in the desert. He didn't want me to Astral Travel. He wanted me to Bi-locate and to learn to be 2 or more places at the same time because astral travel where one completely leaves their body makes it vulnerable to being taken over by another not so good soul while one is gone. But Bi-location (being 2 or more places in consciousness at the same time) is much safer. So, that is what God had directed me to do and so I did.

At this point since my whole paradigm as a human being had changed I started experimenting with my new found Empowerment by God. I was very grateful because I knew that I had been given a very rare gift because God Trusted me to not cause harm to others because of how I had demonstrated how I always acted in others best interests. Of course I was young and only did the best I could as I was a new adult. But God realized I was sincere and trying very hard so he allowed me the time to learn.

So, I experimented with projecting mini- me's and sitting them on a shelf around me. So, I tried this with one, two, and three. I found I could do this with 3 easily as I was young and very intuitively intelligent and I had been taught to visualize as a child which made this even more powerful. So, someone who is a natural artist would be good at this sort of thing because of their capacity to visualize. However, they wouldn't necessarily have the right disposition like I had. So, someone like myself is the exception rather than the rule.

So, I began experimenting at night while lying on my bed. One of the first things I did was to go up on the roof and watch the stars with my soul body at night. Soon, I tried to do other things like walk down the street and look at people and things. I wasn't interested in listening to people's conversations because I am a spiritual person. So, I was more interested in how I could use this to help people any way I could so their souls would be at peace in the present and future and eventually when I understood I could travel time this way, in the past. Then finally finally I found that I could travel in outer space which wasn't something that I would have believed possible to start. Because intuitively I wouldn't have thought this was possible, but it was. It turns out in a soul body you don't have to breathe when you travel time or space or both. Only your body back on earth needs to breathe air. So, you can travel time, space or even go underwater without having to breathe. But I was young and had no one to teach me this but God and his Angels and the Ascended Masters like Jesus and Saint Germain and others.

So, whenever I had a useful question I asked them and if they were allowed by God to answer it they did. So, I had a lot of help because as we all know half the battle in life is formulating the right questions. The answers are actually less important than the capacity to know what the right questions are. Often if you can just get to that question it becomes obvious what the answer is and you can answer the question for yourself. Because if you are relaxed the answers just come and you become used to "Knowing the answers" automatically. But, first you must learn to be able to formulate useful questions and that takes a lot of time learning to effectively do this.

One day in my 30s (I learned to soul travel in my early 20s consciously) one of the Creators of our Galaxy (One of the race that created our galaxy) came to me while I was driving late at night with a clear sky on Interstate 5 near Redding somewhere that was dark out so I could see thousands and thousands of stars. So, I felt really amazed at seeing the Milky Way Galaxy arrayed above me. And I asked a question about the universe. And this Creator explained to me about how Galaxies came about.

I was pretty amazed because this was actually someone who I could tell was a teacher and actually knew what he was talking about. He carefully explained that "dark matter" is really the stuff everything else is made of and that Creators who naturally live in dark matter create Galaxies. As I sit here now a "Waterfall" is a lot like a Galaxy and a slow moving river is a lot like "96% of the universe or Dark matter as it is called". So, imagine a slow moving river going along for millions of miles or years and suddenly it reaches a waterfall and so it gets aeriated and falls to earth and crashes and makes a lot of noise. But then it begins to settle down and become a slow moving river soon afterwards once again.
A Galaxy is a lot like a Waterfall in this sense. It is an "Alternate State" for the River just like the "(96% of the universe is like the slow moving river itself). So, understanding that a Galaxy is NOT a normal state for the matter in the universe but rather an alternate "excited" state would be useful to understand. So, mankind as well as anything else in any Galaxy lives in this alternate or 4% state of normal matter and that 96% of matter is the slow moving river where the Creators once lived before they learned they could create Galaxies so they could raise bigger families. So, in this sense, Galaxies are Creator Cities and we as humans have evolved upon the planets circling stars as humanoids. And as we travel from planet to planet adapting ourselves to each new environment we populate Galaxies in this way and likely always will as humans and humanoids.

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