Wednesday, March 28, 2012

50 percent of U.S. will be Hurt or worse if Obamcare fails

I was looking realistically about Obamacare and what it might mean to the U.S. should it succeed through the Supreme Court or not. And the first thought is how many thousands will die without it just within the next year alone. And then I thought about how many because they wouldn't have insurance were going to cost the government thousands of dollars each because of no health care when it might have mattered to keep them healthy. But then I thought about the precedent of Individual Mandate and wondered what else the Congresses of the next several hundred years might make us as U.S. Citizens buy as well. And then I also realized that this country might go bankrupt if Obamacare doesn't pass as a nation because of just how fast to true cost of health care is rising. And then I thought, "Well. If all the people with curable diseases die because they don't have any healthcare won't that make the U.S. genetically stronger. But then I thought about how cruel such a system would be and won't that make those super specimens cruel like the NAZI's during world war II? And then I felt sick to my stomach about the whole thing because no matter whether Obamacare passes or not, the future is becoming more polarized both right and left and polarization only leads eventually to Fascism which tends to create dictatorships. And then I wondered whether the U.S. will ever stop being so extremely polarized. And then I thought that extreme change (as in Global Climate change, Tsunamis in Japan change, Tornadoes starting in January now, etc. etc. etc. really is freaking people out to the point of panic and that is why they are just so very polarized nationwide. So, what is the solution? I don't know. I only know the solution for me and my family. I don't really know how to solve the world's problems and no one else does either. So I guess we are in for it as a nation no matter what happens.

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