Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Aurora photos due to Earth-Shield Cracks

Shocking Display

Photograph by Tommy Eliassen, My Shot
Brilliant curtains of light shimmer over Norwegian mountains on February 14—part of a recent spate of auroras that caught sky-watchers by surprise. because the displays weren't linked to specific eruptions from the sun.
Space scientists think the light shows arose due not to specific solar eruptions but to common—but no less curious—"cracks" in Earth's magnetic shield.
Such cracks form when the sun's magnetic field lines interconnect with those of the Earth. For hours at a time, charged solar particles can spill through the openings, slam into atmospheric gas, and put on dazzling displays.
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Interactions between the field lines often occur when there's significant solar activity, which is precisely what the sun is experiencing now as it rolls toward solar maximum—the high point in our star's roughly 11-year cycle of magnetic fluctuations. Such peaks can trigger more and stronger outflows of solar particles.
"That activity is now picking up, and we'll begin seeing more and more of these geomagnetic events and storms than we have in the previous five years," said University of California space scientist Harald Frey, an expert on cracks in Earth's magnetic field, or magnetosphere.
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  1. New Aurora Pictures: Surprise Shows Due to Earth-Shield Cracks

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    My hypothesis(I realized to be correct it should be called a hypothesis) since it hasn't been proven or tested that I know of is that the electricity that we use on earth that we create by breaking the magnetic fields of magnets weakens our magnetosphere. However, since no one that I know of has proved or disproved it, or (even if they had) it would be suppressed by power companies and nations wanting to use present AC and DC technology even if that meant people would disappear because it has always been this way. If I am correct the only safe generation of electricity that wouldn't eventually kill the possibility of life on earth would be solar cells which mimic photosynthesis in a technological way as of right now.

    My theory is that we are headed towards our planet becoming a lot more like Mars atmospherically over the next 10,000 to 20,000 years. Because of  Earth shield cracks more and more of our atmosphere will escape just like it does on Mars from Mars shield cracks from Solar Storms. Some of the other problems if I am right will be increased electronic problems of all kinds here on earth and more skin cancer and more radiation problems for all living things on earth. So, though I hope I am wrong as an intuitive I'm pretty sure I'm right because I've found when I listen to my intuition it saves my life almost every time.(I'm still here at 63 and still skiing and riding a dualsport motorcycle and traveling the world).


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