Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Death Metal at a new site with Button Called EMP

Since Death Metal which I wrote around around Christmas 2011 was too long a name to use at the top of my archive site at:

The EMP button above will take you there if you want to more easily read it. As I find other things that I think are long enough to put there over time I will add more stuff to the archive site. Though the Blogspot site is free the site I have to pay for. However, I think it is great to have my longer more developed writings there in one spot for anyone who wants to read it. Since I'm semi retired now I have a lot more time to write and edit than I used to. But you can see editing isn't something I like to do that much because it takes 10 to 100 times as much time to edit properly than it does to have the fun of writing it in the first place. So, since I don't get paid for doing this I just edit as seems practical and useful to me in my life. the 11 parts of "Memories" there at has had the most editing. I spent literally hundreds of hours editing "Memories". However, one of these days I should go through there with a spell checker again. Although I remember when I did this last there was some reason that I didn't reinstall it with all the spell checks. You know how it is there is always some detail that you need to think about more when writing whether that is spelling or context or writing code.

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