Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Solar Logos

Jonathan Flow was flying back from Maui with his family and everything felt sort of odd. He felt the same sort of time space displacement when major time changes take place on earth. Though the Civilization killing war accidentally triggered by 9-11 had been eliminated through major time alterations and a new 2nd timeline, the 1st timeline still existed too and from the first timeline, survivors around 7000 AD had rescued the timeline by going back and preventing the holocaust by changing only a few elements that were enough to save over 5 billion people from death or a fate worse than death. But, still in order to keep the 2nd timeline save for as many people and beings on earth as possible periodic time shifts had to occur and Jonathan felt the telltale signs of major time alterations in the works. He also felt something else which as it occurred he wasn't entirely sure of what it was. When he arrived home he said, "I felt so altered from this flight I sort of wonder if I have been exposed so some kind of radiation?" Later, in the news it was confirmed that a solar Flare had occurred on October 4th that hit earth on October 8th and created incredible auroras from the Great Lakes northward on the 8th. So, he was right! He had been exposed to an incredible amount of solar radiation from the flare when it hit earth and that was why he felt so altered the next couple of days. As he stopped at a Gas station on his way south on Business to southern California a service station attendant said, "I'm sorry you can't use your ATM card in our gas pumps because our satellite is down. Johnathan said to him, "It is because of the solar flare on the 4th that hit Earth on the 8th."The man nodded and understood. Later that day Jonathan found himself talking to the ruler of the sun which Jonathan had come to call, "The Solar Logos". He had had a conversation over 1 year ago now when the Golden City first showed itself to Jonathan and his daughter at Bunny Flats on Mt. Shasta. Jonathan now looked fondly back to 1970 in the winter when he almost froze to death in the snow. Because as he had entered the snow cave he and two other young men had dug with their snowshoes so they wouldn't freeze to death in the whiteout blizzard at night, Jonathan had seen "The Golden City" for the very first time. At that point he thought the reason for this was there was a 50-50 chance he wasn't going to survive that night so he was shown where to project his soul to if he actually froze to death then in Winter Vacation from college in 1970. However, then

Jonathan and the Golden City

"The article at the  above word button was written in I believe March 2011 after skiing on Bunny Flats alone with my daughter."

So, today Jonathan found himself talking to the Solar Logos once again and asking the Solar Logos about being radiated and what that was all about? The Solar Logos said, "The states of consciousness you have reached and are able to maintain allowed us to put you in the way of this kind of radiation to have a positive effect on you and your body."

Jonathan:"What changes should I expect from being at 33,000 feet while all this is going on?"

The Solar Logos: "If this had been someone else it likely would have a different effect on them. But because you have turned yourself into a generator of compassion the cells of your body operate somewhat differently from most people. The cells are all linked together through your subconscious and as you generate compassionate states it alters how your body and consciousness interacts with all life in the past, present and future of the universe."

Jonathan: "So, this will help both me and life on earth do better?"

The Solar Logos: "Yes. It allows you to be one of my emissaries on earth to lift mankind. I see myself as the father figure of this solar system. Since I never was really born or never will really die but instead just keep slightly changing plasma and consciousness forms I am a father figure for the whole solar system. The photons from the sun which I am in charge of as a plasma being and rightfully chosen by all the beings who reside in and around the sun, including those life forms on earth and other planets of the solar system, I feel kindred to all lifeforms on earth and throughout the solar system and try to help all lifeforms prosper in a good way for all beings in the solar system and beyond.

Jonathan:"I want to thank you again on behalf of the lifeforms here on earth for allowing the Golden City to expand by empowering it through your consciousness and photons and radiation all around the earth so beings everywhere on earth can tune into it."

The Solar Logos: "What I was actually trying to do was to gather as many like you, Jonathan as possible so they can evolve into lighter forms than human bodies have been in the near past."

Jonathan: "Please define near past"

The Solar Logos: "Near past to me is the last 500,000 years or so of earth's history."

Jonathan: "Oh." "So, human bodies and all living things are starting to change form in some ways."

The Solar Logos: "It is inevitable. The change will be gradual but will slowly speed up. If you take the beginning to be about 1900 and you witness how things sped up between then and now and realize a logarithmic progression that keeps speeding up at the rate of 1900 to 2012 then you can see it is sort of like when a car takes off and slowly increases speed without causing harm to it's occupants or a passenger jet takes off a runway without causing harm to it's passengers. But then, when it leaves the runway a quantum jump is then possible past about 150 to 200 miles per hour up then to eventually around 500 mph plus while still staying under the sound barrier."

Jonathan: "So, are we turning into light?"

The Solar Logos: "It is better to say the human race is changing in consciousness and in form slowly through changes in the weather and changes in radiation and changes in food and water and air on earth and beyond."

Jonathan: "I think I understand. But what are we changing into?"

The Solar Logos: "That is entirely up to each and everyone of you."

Jonathan: "So, the changes are created by literally everything we think say and do as beings?"

The Solar Logos: "Yes." 


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