Friday, March 2, 2012

Blue Medicine Buddha and his Healing Dragon

Blue Medicine Buddha sat meditating in the formless realms waiting to create another Healing realm heaven and heard the cries for healing from Earth. He summoned his Blue Healing Dragon to his side.
He said, "Blue Healing Dragon I want you to go to earth and fly in spirit through all those who need healing there who are praying for help. They will feel their spirits heal so then those whose bodies are also sick will also begin to heal. After that, fly back here so I can recharge you with my force of soul healing."

Blue Healing Dragon being 50 feet tall and 100 feet long in spirit did as he was told. He flew out of the formless heaven realms that the Blue Medicine Buddha created Healing Heavens out of, and flew instantly to Earth to fly through all those praying for healing. As he flew through them one by one he felt the rush of their relief from all that was bothering them become reconciled in their minds and become healed. He also watched their bodies start to heal now that their souls and minds were healed. He felt very satisfied by his work as he also saw it as his joy and the meaning of his existence as well. When he had done all that he could do he flew back to Blue Medicine Buddha in the Formless Heaven Realms of healing to be recharged to go back and help some more. Since Medicine Buddha had been here in the Healing realms for millions and maybe now billions of years his attainment of healing power was almost limitless, so Blue Healing Dragon knew he could keep doing this in joy for a long long time before resting next to healing Buddha once again.

Note: I woke up with a vision of this this morning and knew I should write about it.

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