Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Profound Lesson in Impermanence

If you were wondering why I wasn't blogging this is it.

I guess I got dehydrated driving up here to Shasta in a more profound way than I realized. Because when I reached my room I started throwing up everything. Also, my intestines hurt so that was a problem too.

The pain in my intestines got worse and worse until around 1 am last night I couldn't take it anymore. Since I just moved from sea level to 3500 feet and then I threw up my heart medicine this wasn't good. AT first I though it might just pass but it just got worse and worse instead. So, I finally called my friends to come take me to the hospital. This likely is the worst pain I have experienced in many years. When I threw up my heart medicine I knew I might be in trouble and possibly have to go to the hospital while still adjusting to 3500 feet. Also, 2 days before I had gotten a Shingles shot and I was still feeling a little of the effects from that.

So, when the pain reached 8 or a scale of 10 being when you faint from the pain when it gets so bad I knew I couldn't survive the night without going to the hospital so I did.

So, I was in the hospital while they stabilized me with oxygen (for the altitude), IV Drip (for the dehydration) and a Morpheine drip (for the pain from about 2 am until 6 am. They finally released me and my friends came back from their home and drove me to my hotel room. But, the pain was just so acute I barely knew my own name.

But, once I was stabilized by 6 am or 6:30 am I knew I was sort of out of danger through my pain hasn't completely gone I'm managing it with tylenol which doesn't upset your stomach.

So, if you were wondering why I'm not blogging it's because I was just trying to stay alive.

This was my lesson in impermanence

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