Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quote from the Dalai Lama from "The Buddha" narrated by Richard Gere 2010 PBS

Begin quote from 1 hour 28 minutes into documentary: People often misunderstand Buddhism as saying, "In order to wipe out suffering you have to wipe out desire." If that was what the Buddha was saying then where does the desire for enlightenment fit in? The Buddha is saying, "Be smart about your desires".

Begin quote from Dalai Lama also later at 1 hour 28 minutes into documentary:
"Desire must be there. Without desire, how do we lead our life?
How can we lead our life? Without desire, how can we acheive Buddhahood?
Strong desire to become Buddha.
But, desire to..... Harmful no, that's bad."

end quote also still at 1 hour 28 minutes.

So, we see that desire for Good things is good like Becoming the Buddha. But, desire for bad things is bad so we have to learn not to desire bad things. But, "Be Smart about your desires"

Or another way they say it is: "Become a practitioner of right mindful compassion"

To me a way to say this is becoming efficient at Being compassionate like the Buddha was.

How do we become both compassionate and efficient enough to help enlighten everyone on earth?

And then how do we become efficient enough to enlighten every being in the universe?

These are the kinds of questions a Buddha would ask. Compassionate but extremely efficient questions to help literally all beings to permanently end their suffering and  come to permanent Bliss.

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