Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Which is better for cars: Diesel or Hybrids and electrics?

At first it seems like a no brainer because you might think hybrids and Electrics would be the right answer.

However, this is only true if people don't start getting cancer or other health ailments from exposure to high Voltage Electrical Coronas. Also, they might just get sick and because most people don't realize that high voltage Electrical Coronas are dangerous and could over time even be life threatening, you might not understand this.

This is why many Prius and other hybrid and electrical Vehicle owners are finding ways to shield themselves from Electrical Coronas. Here is a report with someone with Cancer in remission and how she tried to shield herself from more Electrical Corona radiation which might have caused her cancer or contributed to it:

Please click on this article to read it;

Protecting oneself from Electrical Coronas in a Hy...

And here is a Public Health Warning from France regarding Hybrids:

Public Health Warning regarding Hybrids

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