Sunday, March 29, 2015


I didn't really want Morphine in the emergency room because I was a little scared of potential hallucinations that are a common side effect with morphine. However, since I was throwing up a lot while there the best IV pain killer was morphine. I noticed only a little hallucinations but only when my eyes were closed and then I saw things like all the pictures (several thousand of them) on my Iphone enclosed in a picture frame. I found this interesting to look at because it took my mind away from my pain while it went into me through an emergency room IV. So, for me at least, hallucinations weren't a problem because I didn't see anything scary but only my pictures and other interesting stuff.

However, each person is going to have a different experience if they are given a morphine IV in an emergency room.

The nurse also said I was high on oxygen too. However, I think it was mostly the morphine. And by being on oxygen it was much less painful to breathe at a higher altitude than I was used to.

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