Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Men who sleep with over 20 women in their lives have a 28% less chance of Prostate Cancer

People who came of age in the late 

This above button is from an article I quoted in 2014 I believe. Many of you were clicking on this today and I realized it was time to make the comment I am now.

The word button above takes you to the research on this which basically says that men who came of age in the late 1960s tend to have 28% less prostate cancer if they slept with 20 or more women.

However, after having some time to think about all this I realized this was a natural occurence and likely because at that time men generally didn't use condoms if they were middle to upper class and with generally respectable women who were not drug addicts, alcoholics or prostitutes.

So, this "Natural Experience" likely had many biological positive results.

So, for example, I'm not sure if using condoms and sleeping with 20 women actually would cause the same result or not. It's hard to say but if I were to guess it is a part of a biological process sort of like being a Lion who sleeps with many lionesses who are his pride. So, it might extend his life because in a sense it extends who he might see himself as, as being a part of something much greater than just himself in all ways.

So, many or most men who had been to college or were successful and didn't just marry the first woman who would talk to them often slept with 20 or more women from 1965 until around the late 1970s when herpes and Aids became a problem.

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