Tuesday, March 24, 2015


A friend of mine is always talking about a legacy because he is now in his mid 60s and is starting to think this way.

To me, a legacy is your children, your friends, all the people you helped in your life, all the wisdom you were able to impart in any way, all the things you did to make both your life better and live better of all those around you. A legacy might just be a kind word to someone who needs it. It might be 5 or 20 dollars you gave to a homeless person so they could have food in their belly tonight. It could be anything that you can do to make your own life or someone else's life better. So, maybe the question might be: "What do you want to be remembered for when you are gone?"

The funny answer for some of you might be: "I'll just be grateful to be gone!"

However, if you take time to be serious: "How do you want to be remembered?"

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