Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The advantages of Being Dyslexic: Quantum Thinking

Being dyslexic is to usually be very intuitive. However, there are many different types of dyslexia but one type you reverse letters so it is very difficult to learn to spell. The way to counteract this is teach them as children keyboarding so they can go online and instantly check their spelling so they aren't shamed by their basic inability to spell because of letter reversal in their minds.

However, the positive part of being a dyslexic is what we got from Einstein who was a dyslexic. Einstein was thought to be mentally retarded especially in math class until he was at least 9 years old.

However, the quantum type of thinking he was capable of allowed him to visualize himself on a beam of light traveling through the Galaxy and to come up with the formula E equals MC Squared and then to do the math too. And eventually the world of scientists proved that his formula was correct.

So, the quantum jumps and leaps of faith often are successful when dyslexics do this because this is one of their exceptional abilities.

Though I am not dyslexic I find I can think either non-dyslexic or dyslexic or a combination of the two because my mother and grandmother who spent the most time around me growing up influenced how I process information. My best friend who was a straight A student through UCLA and has a master's degree there also had a dyslexic mother and is capable also of these types of insights because he can also think both ways because both his mother and his brother were dyslexic. So, their influence upon him made him unique in his capabilities like me.

At present he owns his own recording label and travels as a musician all over the world. In fact, he and his girlfriend and I traveled to Hawaii in January so we could snorkel at the very warm 78 degree to 80 degree beaches in January while it was snowing (or should have been) where he lives in Mt. Shasta. Also, he played several concerts on the big Island of Hawaii while we were there.

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