Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shingles Shots if you are over 60?

This morning we had scheduled a Shingles shot each (one for me and one for my wife). So, even though this cost us $500 out of pocket it is much better than getting shingles and going through that torture and pain. Our nurse,  a beautiful lady in her early 60s likely told us she had had shingles and also when the symptoms went away got this shingles shot too which we were surprised by. Also, our housekeeper's biological father has shingles right now and he says it is really awful and debilitating and painful. Everyone who has gotten shingles has told me this so it is wonderful to get a shot that reduces your susceptibility by 70% even if you had chicken pox as children like my wife and I did.

I was 5 when I got it and back then some children died from it so my mother and grandmother prayed and I got to see Jesus Golden Light for the first time in my life likely from this. As an older child sometimes I wanted to be sick so I could experience Jesus' Golden Healing Light again. It is such an amazing experience to be healed by prayers and Jesus.

During this time I was forming my lower teeth in my gums (permanent so when they pushed through one of them at the top had a little indentation in it from not enough calcium getting to it while my body was fighting off chicken pox at that time. However, it had enamel and unless you are looking at it with a magnifying glass or microscope you can't see the difference in the tooth at over 1 to 2 feet away. So, it has always worked fine since I was a child and got all my permanent teeth in one by one.

Today we were in a breakfast restaurant popular near where our doctor's office was. (Oh, by the way they put this shot in fat tissue behind your upper arm). However, on me it made my arm down to my hands a little numb for a while because she might have put the medicine into a nerve bundle heading down towards my hand. But, the nurse said she had no reaction to the shot other than swelling and redness where the shot was given. So, that was good to know.

At the breakfast restaurant we waited a few minutes for a table and so were happy to have Omelets and fruit and gluten free toast. (They also had Gluten free pancakes there). I told the waitress that if you are over 40 or 50 years of age it takes away most of the pain from your joints and muscles if you go gluten free which is why many people are doing this in addition to gluten allergies like I have had all my life and didn't know it. However, giving up all gluten like I did when I found this out at 65 is one of the reasons I'm as healthy as I am at almost 67 two years later. I felt 20 to 40 years younger pain wise in all my joints and muscles as soon as I did this. So, instead of feeling like I'm in my late 60s pain wise I now have less general pain in my body than in my late 20s.

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