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More regarding: Is it Useful to believe in God?

 Is it Useful to Believe in God?

I started this conversation last night by writing the above article. If interested please click on it.

Once again I am asking the question: "Is it useful to believe in God" rather than asking "Does God really exist".

For example, I believed as a young man that after reading "Divine Romance" by Marie Corelli (Marie Corelli was Queen Victoria's Favorite Author), that I could project my soul into the center of the Galaxy and visit God there. Was it logical to think that? However, this is what I believe at the time.

So, when I got permission to project my soul out of my body, up into space and realized that this worked because my body is still here on earth breathing, I was pretty amazed a human being with a soul could actually do this and not die.

However, I wanted to go talk to God and ask God to save and protect earth and it's people from Nuclear annihilation. I was around 21 or 22 years old when I did this.

However, the first planet I went to to look for people (I knew regular people couldn't live there because I knew it was 600 to  900 degrees Fahrenheit on Venus.

But, I also knew I would be okay as a soul there. I found a civilization of people living there in soul bodies who had once lived there in physical bodies before Venus heated up at some point. (Hopefully, this doesn't happen to Earth too one day).

They told me that if I wanted to meet God in the Center of the Galaxy the way to do this was through the sun. How did they know to do this? Maybe their proximity to the sun made some of their people do what I was about to also.

I said, "Won't I burn up in the Sun?" I was still thinking I was in a physical body on earth in some ways even though I was traveling in a soul or mind body.

They said, "Oh no. You won't burn up because you aren't wearing a physical body but the beings in the sun will send you to the center of the galaxy.

So, I did what the soul body people on Venus told me and went into the sun and it felt like a warm bath like getting into a hot tub jacuzzi spa outside under the stars. I found Plasma people there made of plasma who lived there like we live on earth. Only they lived inside the sun like fish underwater or like people in the ocean of air surrounding earth.

They took me to a throne room and placed me in a golden throne. (I have often wondered whether this was a real throne or whether this was a construct of my mind or what).

I had the feeling of going a great distance at a beyond imagination speed and I found myself in the Center of the Galaxy. I could see what we call the Black hole that holds the Galaxy and that all galaxies have at their center to hold them together.

But, what I found in the center of the Galaxy was not God like we believe God to exist on Earth but a race of beings more akin to what Zeus is like and that pantheon and what Odin is like in that Pantheon instead.

They did not have physical bodies (at least like ours). They did not breathe air (unless they manifested a physical body for my benefit to talk to me) and the most interesting thing of all is: "They had created this Galaxy we live in. And this same race of beings had created every Galaxy that exists in the physical universe. Each galaxy is like a farm for them to better feed their children and to reproduce more efficiently. But, they don't eat food like us they eat energy like plasma and how energy turns into Suns and back and forth from matter to antimatter and other ways energy migrates and changes.

They live billions of years which is why people like the Greeks called them Gods. And the only thing that kills them when they are very old is boredom. So, they take refuge in mortality by incarnating as beings like us humans on earth.

It turns out we are all here in earth incarnations of these God like Beings who create Galaxies.

Now. Was it useful for me to believe in God so I could discover for myself what God and Gods really were?

I think the answer to this question can only be "Yes".

From this personal experience I came to see what God and Gods really were. They are where our souls come from. So, we actually do have souls that are connected to basically immortal beings. However, the basis and basic nature of those beings is primal in it's own way like being born a human on earth. The main difference in being born a soul as a God is that you likely could live without ever dying ever for billions and billions of years. You might watch all galaxies being created and you might watch all galaxies dissolve and go away and you might still be alive if you so chose to do that.

Because that is who our souls actually are in reality.

So, I began to realize that people on earth made up stories about God because most people aren't going to take the time that I did to learn to soul travel (which is at least as hard as learning to fly a jet plane to the other side of the Earth) and to do that like I did.

It is sort of like people taking 5 years in a cave to learn to levitate and to move around quickly over the earth like many adepts did before the 1920s and 1930s. Now, since you can fly around the world in a plane for a few hundred to a thousand dollars or more, less people go into caves and stay there 2 to 5 years to learn to levitate.

I suppose when we have space ships that go to the Galactic Core we might not soul travel there as much like I have either. Things change as you learn more about life everywhere it is.

What many people believe about God reminds me a little of what I heard people from other countries who had never been here in the U.S. had said about living here. They said things like "The streets of the United States are paved with Gold!" People really believed and some might still believe things like this if they are not educated enough to know any different still in some parts of the world.

So, does God exist? You tell me.

So, from my personal experiences if I hadn't believed in God I would have died between 1 and 3 years of age and several times since. If I hadn't believed in God I wouldn't have learned to soul travel to meet God and to see for myself what human souls actually come from. If I hadn't believed in God I wouldn't have studied about religions all over the earth and be able to share what I know and have discovered here with you.

So, was it useful for me to grow up believing in God? Yes. It was useful for both me and for you reading this right now. Are the streets of the U.S. paved with Gold? No. But, do Gods exist? A qualified "yes" for this answer if you consider Gods to be a race of beings that lives basically forever if they don't get too bored and creates galaxies then scientifically the answer likely is "Yes".

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