Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I drink Arrowhead Bottled Water

Millions of Gallons of Water are Being Pumped Out ...

In the above word button I was surprised that they were complaining about Nestle bottling Arrowhead water from Springs in the San Bernadino National Forest.

However, I have been drinking Arrowhead bottled water for years out of plastic bottles because it is the best tasting low cost water I have ever found. Sometimes I will buy Glacier or Fiji Water because it is great tasting too even though it is more expensive for a change sometimes.

However, most water from taps here in the U.S. is not longer healthy enough to actually drink for a variety of reasons. In some places water is recycled from gray water or sewage so I'm not really interested in drinking water like that either.

There are places where I can buy water specially filtered near where I live but it tastes like Stainless steel so I'm not really interested in paying money for water that tastes bad. So, even though my children often try to get me to not buy Arrowhead in plastic bottles I find the great Taste of this water always brings me back to the great tasting water of Arrowhead.

When I'm in Mt. Shasta I drink the local water there because it is right out of local wells or springs right out of the mountain. It is said that even if there were no rain at all that the volcanic aquifer would keep running for two to three years in a complete and absolute drought. I have no doubt about this knowing how Mt. Shasta actually is.

What is the answer to the drought?

I think life in California might change a lot at least in the short run or it could all turn into a desert temporarily or permanently. We'll just have to see what the future of Global Climate change brings.

After all about 1/3 of the state is already a desert as in Death Valley and the Mojave Desert all the Way to Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona.

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