Sunday, March 22, 2015

For me, there is no contradiction between Christianity and Buddhism

Because of this I would classify myself as a Christian Tibetan Buddhist. I was raised a mystical Christian as a child, my parents were lay ministers of our church and were put in charge of a large church in Los Angeles when I was 6. They were in charge of this church until I was 12 when my mother's father died. They remained ministers but gave away being in charge of the church to someone else who stayed doing that until she was 106 years old.

When I became in my early 30s I started studying with Tibetan Lamas in the U.S., India and Nepal and spent from December 1985 until April 1986 mostly in India and Nepal with 2 weeks in Thailand at the beginning and a few days at the end with my wife and children there before we flew home from Thailand and Japan to San Francisco in April 1986.

So, now I consider myself to be still a Mystical Christian Tibetan Buddhist and find myself to be happy with that label even though most of the time I don't go to churches anymore except for special occasions. However, I practice both religions all the time in my own way all the time 24 hours a day waking and sleeping.

I find this is infinitely powerful and useful both to myself and to all beings on earth and as I am inspired I expand my practices as I am more realized. By God's Grace.

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