Sunday, March 29, 2015

Iraq is effectively breaking up as a nation

Kurdish Iraq in the north, Sunni Iraq towards the west and a part of what is happening in Northern Syria. Iranian Iraq as the Iranian Army leads the fight to take back Tikrit and the Shia led Government in Baghdad.

30 years of war ahead in the Middle East. Everything I'm writing about here is being discussed on Fahreed Zaharia GPS which is on CNN Sunday Morning. Some of the most interesting intelligent comments about what is happening I find on this show every Sunday Morning.

I have commented here that the Sunni Shia Sectarian divide isn't being contained it is growing. This is why 30 years of war might take place in the Middle East as Iran aligned with Russia tries to exterminate as many of the 1.1 billion Sunnis here on earth or at least the ones in the Middle East and vice versa. So, Iran is complaining that the 10 Nation Sunni Coalition are bombing the Iranian armed Houthis in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is having an oil price war with Iran and Russia (and everyone else it seems) and all the middle east conflicts get worse and worse because of all these factors and more.

Will this eventually disrupt oil from Saudi Arabia other Sunni Oil nations and Iran? Maybe. It's hard to say right now as it depends upon how this thing goes from here on out.

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