Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Can Saudis and other Sunni Arab Governments effectively fight Iran?

The problem I would say here is two fold at present. The first problem is Russia in that Russia is aligned with Iran. This has forced the U.S. to (try) to enter into an Agreement regarding nuclear weapons with Iran. Otherwise, the U.S. might have just let Israel nuke Iran off the map which Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab nations might have liked except for the death and the radiation that would have spread through many nations as a result of this.

So, the problem with Iran is Russia. And to make this worse Russia has the opposite of love for Sunnis in General because they see the Sunni religion in Soviet States as one of the many reasons the Soviet Union Collapsed. So, because the Soviets couldn't deal with Sunnis in Soviet states it is one of the reasons the Soviet Union Collapsed according to leaders like Putin who was a Soviet KGB Colonel in East Germany during the 1980s

So, Iran is a really big problem for the whole middle east because of it's alliance with Russia. So, in response to the mess in Syria and Northern Iraq in regard to all Sunnis and the repression of them, ISIS(ISIL)Daesh (whatever you now choose to call it) was caused by what Russia and Iran did to Sunnis in primarily Syria through Assad but also to Sunnis in Northern Iraq. So, that is where ISIS(ISIL)Daesh now is in charge of a lot of land and peoples there.

So, in order for Sunni governments to fight IRan it has to be in a proxy war fight. They see the U.S. worried about getting involved in a nuclear war with Russia over Syria or Iraq and think to themselves, "If the U.S. is worried about blowing up the whole world because of Putin what should our stance be militarily?"

There is no one hard and fast answer to this because any stance at all might blow up in their faces if Russia decided to become militarily involved or bring in nukes.

You might think, "Russia would never bring in nukes!"

I don't think that's true. There are certain circumstances where Russia would nuke places in the Middle East because of it's anger at Sunnis in Soviet STates helping to cause the demise of the Soviet Union.

This is a fact of life that all Sunnis live with around the world every day.

So, the question becomes, "How can the Saudis and other Sunni nations get out from under the problems now being caused by Iran who is allied with Russia throughout the middle East?"

I don't really have a short or long term answer to this question do you?

After thinking about this for awhile the answer is likely Asymmetric Warfare and hiring Mercenaries which might be hard to trace back to Saudi Arabia or other Sunni Governments. However, any county including Iran and Russia would understand if Saudi Arabia bombs the Houthis with planes like the Coalition is bombing ISIS(ISIL)Daesh now every day in Syria and Iraq. So, this is likely what we are beginning to see now in Yemen to protect Saudi Arabian lands and oil fields from being encroached  by Shia warriors from Any country.

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