Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Should you Believe in God?

That is entirely up to you what you believe. However, I would caution you to use the scientific method wherever possible in relation to your beliefs in God. Because Faith is a really good thing. However, if you stand at the edge of a cliff and have faith that you will fly and then you jump off that cliff, you likely won't fly you will just drop to your death and die.

However, if you stand on that same cliff attached to a parachute, paraglider or hang glider and jump off and know how to operate any of those devices you might live.

So, faith is great but faith also needs to be based upon something that has worked for people in the past. Having faith is great if it actually works for you but please if you are going to go jumping off real or metaphorical cliffs make sure you have a parachute, paraglider or hang glider (metaphorical or otherwise) so you can survive the fall and not just die.

Faith is great but it needs to be based upon something useful and real to be useful to you in the long run of your family and your friends and your life or death and the life or death of your children.

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