Monday, March 23, 2015

Bob Baer:CNN: ISIS death cult brainwashed kids have zero to no chance of coming back alive

They were discussing ISIS on CNN on Wolf with Wolf Blitzer when Bob Baer, ex CIA Intelligence and Security Analyst said, "There is zero to no chance of getting Medical Students now from around the world back alive because ISIS is a "Death Cult". They might be drawn by thinking they are helping create a Sunni Muslim Caliphate but in the end ISIS will use them up until they die. But, the quote from him mostly was "There is zero to no chance of getting these medical college students back alive from ISIS".

However, in real life there are always exceptions to every rule, sometimes.

Wolf was mentioning that parents are camping out on the Border with Syria hoping to rescue their children. And at this point there are a lot of parents camped out on the Border with Syria while camping in Turkey doing this now and likely there will be many more parents  to come in the future camping there the way this whole thing looks now.

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