Sunday, March 22, 2015

Money doesn't solve all problems

Problems money can't solve:

Mental Illness
Physical illness

There are however, many problems that can be solved with enough money if people are practical enough.

Here are some of the problems money can solve:


Ignorance can be solved through study and through study one comes to know who they are, who the people are around them, and how to help other people better and more efficiently.


Money can solve this problem if the people with the money understand diet and efficient buying of food so people are nourished with the minimal amount of food necessary for their well being.

However, one of the problems of having too much disposable income is that you very easily will become fat because you can choose to eat literally anything at any time.

So, unless you are very self disciplined in this area with enough money it is very easy to literally eat yourself to death which is a problem especially in all the developed nations on earth.

One of the problems when people know you have enough money to live is that people who are emotionally immature and impractical want you to give them money.

This is a problem because often these people are not practical enough to either generate money for themselves or if they generate money for themselves they have no self discipline to use it wisely or often don't know how to safe money so it grows for them.

This likely is one of the hardest things to deal with and to learn to be practical how you deal with money. Giving money to people who are having some types of problems is only going to drain your coffers and to make those people's problems only worse.

This is one of the most painful aspects to having enough money.

Everyone dreams of having enough money but most people are not judicious enough to keep their money and to grow it to be beneficial both to themselves  and to others in the most efficient ways.

I remember when I was young. If I didn't have money for example, to go skiing in my teens (I never got to ski at a ski lift until I was in my 20s for example and I was angry about this and resentful).

However, in my 20s I bought Cross country skis with my first wife and I have owned at least one pair of skis continuously since then.

When I was in my 20s I couldn't afford to buy myself things like Buck Knives when I lived out in the country. So, one day I found one open on Highway 89 with my wife and baby son. This was the first really good knife I ever owned and was a very useful tool for at least 10 years until someone stole it from me.

Now I'm in my 60s I could buy as many knives and motor homes as I want but they really aren't very useful to me now. But then, they were very useful as a tool in fixing my car or truck, cutting twine, whittling wood or making dowels for building etc.

So, at different times in your life different things are going to be important. However, compassion, practicality and efficiency and wisdom are in the end your best friends always in regard to money and living your life in a useful, compassionate and as practical a way as possible.

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