Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some problems that can be associated with Soul Travel

"Necessity is the mother of invention". Just like with learning to drive a car or fly a plane or jet or anything else "Necessity is usually the mother of invention" so if you don't recognize a need to do something like soul traveling, or learning to drive a car, or learning to fly a plane, usually you don't.

This is something to think about. Then if you have a genuine need to soul travel or think you do there are other things going on in your life usually too. Like you want to stay alive and not die.

Just like you drive through bad neighborhoods where someone might kill you if you were on foot there. (East of Saint Louis I had an Experience where someone tried to drive my rental car off the road but I was faster at getting out of his way then he was at trying to pin my car to a building). But, this is a rarity at least for me and I just floored my rental car and my three passengers were screaming at the man while I did this.

So, you know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately we were on our way back from my father's funeral so this wasn't a happy experience either where we buried his cremains alongside his father and mother in a cemetery there.

And that was one of the most amazing supernatural experiences of my life too.

But, that's another story.

So, the main problem I encountered with soul travel is that it was much easier to be somewhere else than my body or be several places at once in consciousness and rather than stay locked "forever" in my physical body.

It took me about 1 year to come to terms with this which was to realize that God had given me a body here on earth for a purpose and I needed to respect that I had a body here on earth and to take care of it at least as well as any car I had ever owned. This was a turning point in me and prevented me from just taking more and more (out of body traveling risks) and just physically dying one day.

So, the risk best said is that Soul Travel is very addicting sort of in the same way Women can be addicting to a man sometimes.  So, realizing how amazing this experience is but that it has  a purpose is very important to survive soul travel long term.

It's sort of like becoming addicted to driving a car really fast. (I once drove my 1968 Camaro in 1969 at about 145 miles per hour for awhile for example). Could I have died at that speed along with any passengers in my car? Yes.

But, it wasn't very likely because I'm also an intuitive and know what I can survive and what I can't always.

So, if you are worried you might become addicted to Soul Travel this is an important consideration. So the best reason to want to soul travel is NOT for a lark but because you want to help yourself, other people, and mankind in general survive here on Earth and to survive their journeys to Heaven Realms without interference from unclean or malevolent spirits.

Soul traveling isn't always through heaven realms where you are relatively safe (at least as long as you follow the rules of that heaven sort of like the different rules in different countries here on earth). It is important to understand that all religions have heavens as well as individual philosophical points of view often have their own heavens as well.

So, if I'm smart I always ask Angels and Archangels to soul travel with me so I'm safe anywhere I might need to go for God. So, is soul travel associated with helping God here on earth and beyond? Yes. You are protecting all beings as they migrate from heaven realms (or wherever) into incarnations and protecting the platform of existence here on earth so it doesn't get blown up like the Asteroid planet did 65 million years ago when a piece of it hit the gulf of Mexico and killed all the larger dinosaurs. So then, humans like us could more reasonably survive on the surface of the planet.

IN fact, my main job often is to make sure humans and other physical beings on earth make it to their heaven realms safely when they pass on here on earth.

Another thing if you decide to be a soul traveler, Time and space are not ultimately real. What appears to be the case is that we all are thoughts in the mind of God. So, time and space isn't the reality, the mind of God we all are is the ultimate reality. But, if you can't deal with that it's okay too.

However, this is what a truly advanced Soul traveler understand after about 10 years or so traveling around galaxies and heaven realms. So, even if you don't believe me now you will eventually if you stay at it and aren't so terrified by some of the aspects that you walk away from it.

The most terrified I ever got was at around 25 years of age going out past the edge of the galaxy. This really freaked me out at the time. It was like someone dropped me from a helicopter into the middle of an ocean at night all alone. IT was the ultimate sensory deprivation experience and my soul screamed and came home to earth when this happened and I didn't want anything to do with soul travel anymore for awhile. But, then I met Tibetan Lamas and learned about the void out beyond the edge of the Galaxy and what is was and what it was for. I also learned how to jump from one galaxy to another while soul traveling which is a little like going through the sun to the center of the galaxy.

But, you will learn it all one step at a time over years because this is how it works in real life.

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