Sunday, March 22, 2015


When I write of my experiences it might be important to note I am in my late 60s so I have a wealth of International experiences that allow me to think and say what I do. However, if you have not had as international a life as I have had (or you might have had an even more international life than I have had) then it might be difficult to understand at times what I'm talking about.

So, no matter the subject just understand this is my experience. You may or may not agree with me and I expect that because if you agreed with me without sharing some of my experiences that might not be realistic.

So, though I am sharing what I have learned and experienced in this lifetime I'm not expecting you to agree with my assessments. If you look at my life as a modern Day Marco Polo exploring the world and the universe around me that might be best. What I have discovered during my life might be useful to you or it might not depending upon your present interests and past experiences in your own lives.

So, though I share freely my ideas and experiences with all of you I also realize we have all had different experiences in our lives so each of us are going to have our different reactions to things we are exposed to as well.

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