Monday, March 23, 2015

Is The Diesel Dead here in the U.S. in cars and small trucks?

This sort of stuff has always confused me because European technology has made Diesel Cars quiet and taken the smell out of them. Why don't we have that technology here? Probably different rules, regulations and air quality standards. But, in Europe I for example, rented two different Mercedes, one a Sedan in Nice, France and on another trip a Mercedes Stationwagon in London a couple of years later. Both had quiet, smoothe non-stinky diesels that got great mileage and were wonderful to drive. In fact, the 2nd time I went it was in London they had something where when you stopped at a light the engine turned itself off to use less fuel. At first I thought I'd rented a lemon until I touched the gas pedal and the thing started back up and drove away and then did this same thing at each signal or stop sign where I stopped. But, it restarted instantly each time I touched the gas pedal again so it wasn't annoying after I got used to it doing this. So, I guess my question might be, "Why don't we have all this really cool technology here in the U.S. and run diesel cars here too?"

I don't have any answer for this except maybe it is the companies who are lobbying for something else or maybe even the quiet non-smelly diesels with no visible exhaust like they have in Europe somehow pollute the air in a way American scientists don't like. I'm not sure why this is. But, it was nice to get like 30 miles to the gallon of diesel while in Europe while driving a Mercedes sedan or stationwagon. And no one thought anything bad about diesel cars there either. So, what's going on?



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Is The Diesel Dead?

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