Monday, March 23, 2015

The Three Types of Spontaneous Accomplishment that I am presently aware of

Note: To be fair to Buddhists who define God or Gods as something completely different than Christians and others do I realized one might change the word "God" to "Diety" if they wish if they are Buddhist in what I'm writing because of this basic semantical and philosophical difference. So, if you are Buddhist feel free to change the word God to "Diety" if it suits you in what I'm writing here. end note

The first type of Spontaneous Accomplishment is praying to God as an external Diety above you. This often creates God Giving you what you need or at the very least saving your life or the lives of one or more around you.

The Second type of Spontaneous Accomplishment is praying to God as your Friend. In this type of prayer form God is like your best friend and you can talk and interact directly with the Diety. This is more powerful generally than the first form. Priests and Ministers or devotees often reach this stage.

The third type of Spontaneous Accomplishment is very powerful and if misused is fatal within a few weeks. Because in this Spontaneous Generation if your motivation isn't perfect you will die from it.

So, this normally isn't taught by most teachers in the Western World because most people in the western world are too materialistic to reach this state without causing their own deaths by accident.

To reach this third type of state one must be completely unselfish and literally see all beings as their family that they were born to care for. So, there is no difference at all between self and all beings in one's perfect compassion.

From this perfected state of consciousness like Saints have one then is a natural practitioner of Spontaneous Accomplishment and the desires and joy of the practitioner then manifests whatever that being puts their joy and attention upon for the betterment of all life.

As this manifests the joy of all life becoming happier or better circles between all life and gratitude expands this circle into infinity and as this circle of life expands more and more spontaneous accomplishment can grow because gratitude is the true motor of all life. Gratitude is the joy of being freed from a lesser state into a better one. So, often True Spontaneous Accomplishment spreads out into infinity in never ending ways through time and space.

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