Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two of my children are dyslexic and one has graduated College and one is in college now

My older son now almost 41 wasn't diagnosed as a dyslexic when he was a child because I didn't know anyone in my family was dyslexic. I had heard the story about how my mother's mother had had to leave grade school at age 8 and was forced to raise her 11 brothers and sisters from then on. She never held a job (outside of a wife and mother) and raised three daughters including my mother who was dyslexic too.

But, my grandmother had passed away and my mother was in her 80s within 5 years of passing away before my mother admitted that she and her mother had been dyslexic and that this was the reason my grandmother left school at age 8. My grandmother read her Bible all the time but was what I would call a "Spiritual" person like my mother. They were the likely two most intuitive and common sensical people I ever met in my life. They seemed to have auras that glowed all the time.

However, neither was a rocket scientist but both were ultimately practical about being wives, mothers and raising their kids right so all were successful.

So, growing up I didn't know my son was dyslexic until I began to suspect this when he was in his early teens. This sort of harmed him in some ways not being diagnosed earlier. However, home schooling him from age 5 to 10 along with his step brother and sister meant that he had a lot of self estteem from doing this. So, by home schooling my son through most of his formative years I saved him I realized later.

Around age 28 his first wife wanted him to be tested for IQ. It turned out he had an IQ of 150 which is sort of off the charts. In this thirties he finally got a college degree in Nursing and is now a teacher of Junior High Students and is married with a baby. So, even though his life wasn't easy he has been successful in his life.

My youngest daughter also was found to be dyslexic but not before a horrific first grade of shaming in public school. Luckily, she was diagnosed before she committed suicide which she said she was going to do at age 6 from 1st grade and  became a poster child for a school for different learners in Northern California because she was so exceptional and intelligent. Private school is expensive but the only other alternative is home schooling. She won a scholarship to a prestigious college in Washington State and is doing very well there now. However, without a good school for different learners this wouldn't have been possible. She is now 19.

However, if you have a dyslexic child if you can't afford private school there is also home schooling. However, leaving your child if they are dyslexic in public school might be just to watch them self destruct in one way or another over time. There might be exceptions to this but I haven't seen very many.

Also, I have another daughter who is in college in Oregon who is not dyslexic and I am not dyslexic either but my mother, her mother, and two of my biological children are. So, dyslexia is an inherited biological trait.

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