Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Millions of Gallons of Water are Being Pumped Out of California?


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Millions of Gallons of Water are Being Pumped Out of California for the Worst Possible Reason

California has become synonymous with the word drought in the past four years. Between 1988 and now, tens of millions of gallons of water have been drawn from this stream annually and sold under the Arrowhead 100 percent Mountain Spring Water label.
The article above is about decisions. We are in a drought that might have no useful end at this point which likely could be a part of global climate change or at the very least a part of what happens historically every 100 or 200 years which results in a Noachian deluge of epic proportions within the next 3 to 20 years coming from atmospheric rivers from the vicinity of Hawaii.
So, any way you look at it California might not have any good choices regarding water now or in the future. So, I'm not sure how crazy life here might be this summer and fall or for that matter next summer or fall in 2016 or after that.
If you live somewhere along the Pacific Coast of California likely you will benefit from desalinization. However, that won't help farmers inland in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys (actually the same long valley which is at least 400 miles long from Redding to Bakersfield). So, if they are allowed all farmers likely will completely drain the aquifers through their wells and this will cause salt water to come inland underground which is not a good thing for California in the short or long term. However, it might be all they can do to stay in business these next few years if the drought continues.  

Also, because the Sacramento Valley and the San Joaquin Valleys have 4 growing seasons (year around) they grow a great deal of the produce, grains, fruit and nuts of the whole U.S. This likely will mean higher and higher prices for all of this as Americans have to drain the stores of other countries to have enough. This in turn could cause starvation among the poorest in some of those countries as well. So, the California drought has worldwide effects especially in regard to all types of food.

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