Tuesday, March 24, 2015

URL for article and picture of Alps Crash site where 150 died


There is a picture here of the crash site itself. However, the ground is frozen because of the altitude so people likely would need to use crampons and other such things like Ice Axes to gain enough traction on this type of frozen terrain to be able to walk and climb and to be safe so the rescuers aren't injured or die too.

However, I could find no way to create a word button for this site because I found the picture at Google Images and went to the site through Google images.

If you are interested in pictures regarding this I put in "plane crash in swiss alps killing 150" into Google images and came up with at least 50 images related to this crash in one way or another.

Also, it is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow and any bodies or body parts there would be frozen by now and separating them from snow or ice or ground might be difficult and looks like it cannot proceed at all because of snow storms and visibility by helicopters until the day after tomorrow.

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