Sunday, March 22, 2015

Every person'a experience of Enlightenment likely would be different

Some of the basic aspects would be the same but other aspects would be different. For example, if you believe in reincarnation all beings don't have the same memories of their past lives lived in the past, present and future of the universe. Another thing about this is that possibly all lives are lived in the same moment because time may or may not exist as we know it on earth in regard to souls if they are in between lifetimes. So, it may be that only in incarnation does time as we know it exist. And the size of the being you incarnate as also likely also changes the speed that being experiences the time because of the electrical synapses in the brain of whatever type and size of being that a soul incarnates as as well.

So, because of all our different experiences and attributes developed over infinite incarnations (if you believe in that) it makes perfect sense that an individuals experience of enlightenment likely would be unique to him or her.

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