Sunday, March 29, 2015


My God Daughter had an appendicitis a few months ago and more recently she and he husband visited us from San Diego. So, we sort of went through this with her on the phone as they stayed in touch with us through the whole thing.

So, I needed to eliminate the possibility that this was the pain I was experiencing in my lower right intestines so I called and talked to a nurse in the Emergency Room of the hospital where I was checked into their emergency room Friday night to about 6:30 am Saturday morning. She said I didn't have the right symptoms because usually you have a fever when you have an appendicitis because your body is fighting off the symptoms. So, I was pretty relieved. I also asked if it was fatal if I wanted to proceed in clearing out my bowels any way I could at this point since I hadn't had a bowel movement since early Friday night. So, sais it wouldn't be fatal even if I had an appendicitis. However, she cautioned me she could not recommend this procedure because the hospital would not accept the insurance liability if something went wrong. So, I'm going to proceed to get myself moving one way or another. Because not being able to eat solid food basically since Scrambled eggs and cheese Friday Morning and a 10 piece box of Chick McNuggets while traveling north basically 3 days ago was starting to make me a little spaced out from not enough solid food. She agreed that getting regular was the single most important thing I could do.

Also, she agreed with me that a Morphine drip also adds to constipation factors as well which is what I had during the night so I could deal with the severe pain I was experience while I was in the emergency room. I expressed my gratitude for their stabilizing me so I made it through that very difficult night. It was one of the most physically horrific nights in my entire life. I'm very glad to be on the mend from all that.

Note added: Sunday June 30th 2019: I was trying to remain calm during this time in my life because I sincerely believed I was going to die. I didn't want my wife to see me die so I didn't tell her how bad it was. Instead by this day I called my daughter's boyfriend in Portland to come watch over me since I was alone in a hotel room in mt. Shasta, California. I knew if I died that he could handle it but I couldn't deal with my wife seeing me die. So, he drove south and stayed with me Monday and Tuesday his days off of work. By then I was stronger and called my wife to come help me on Wednesday because I was a little stronger and no longer thought I would die that week.

On Saturday we went to the emergency room and I asked for a sonogram of my intestinal area because we still didn't know what was wrong. They suggested a Cat Scan and then wanted me to have an emergency operation because they thought I was going to die. At this point I'm not sure the operation was a good idea because of the long term problem of the hernia it gave me from coughing for a month after the operation. So now, I have a tear in my stomach muscles that my intestines slip through which can be difficult to deal with. I haven't had a screen put in because it isn't practical at this time to do that.

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