Sunday, March 29, 2015

I am Very Grateful to still be alive

My pain level even without pain killers is about a 1 or less on a scale of 10. 10 being pain so bad you would just pass out. So, I figure I can be more in touch with my body on all levels by observing the pain since your body gives you pain to tell you something is wrong. So, if you respond to the pain and try to heal your body often you can and then often the pain goes away eventually.

So, I haven't eaten anything but a few sips of milk today, some pedialyte to keep my electrolytes in balance and a few sips of milk here and there and some Chicken broth last night and today. Most of the time it isn't useful to read or watch TV. But also, I am taken back into a state of consciousness that Jesus and Buddha describe while they fasted on just water sometimes or just a few grains or 1 grain of rice for 30 to 40 days.

Today most people see this is pretty extreme but without fasting and praying they could not have accomplished what each of them did to help humanity.

In my late 60s I'm not trying to fast right now, I'm just trying to stay alive and to get better.

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