Monday, March 23, 2015

Yes. I must be a Dinosaur? (but only metaphorically)

This thought came to me when I had a recent conversation with my wife. I had no idea that the issue now on college campuses is much less about whether you are gay or straight but whether you are transexual or not. This sort of blew my mind and made me realize (at least in the U.S. and California where I live) that I must be a dinosaur in thought.

The issue now on college campuses in California and throughout much of the U.S. appears to be: "Will Straights and Gays gang up and harm directly or indirectly, Transexuals".

In talking with my wife I learned the new state of things in college. I had no idea.

When I grew up in college in the late 1960s and 1970s the issue was: "How can we keep Gay people from being killed by extremist rightests" and simultaneously, "How can we keep young black Afro American males being killed by extreme rightests as well."

But, the primary issue right now on college campuses appears to be: "How can we keep transexuals alive so they don't kill themselves or get murdered or tortured to death by straights or gays who discriminate against them.

I had no idea at all this form of discrimination even existed and had always sort of lumped it into the whole Gay-STraight trying to keep Gay people from killing themselves or being killed by extreme rightests.

"American Beauty" brings up a side to this issue when Kevin Spacey's character is murdered (not for being gay but for "giving the impression to another closet gay that he was gay"). So, all sorts of severe psychological issues come from repressed "Gayness" as well including murders and suicides.

The other thing that sort of blew my mind in this conversation was that she said that there are many different kinds of transexuals. For example, there are men who like to dress like women but who are not sexually Gay but sexually straight. Then there are men and women who have operations to change whether they are anatomically men or women as well. But, she also said that this wasn't usually allowed even here in the U.S. until someone was at least in their late 20s because then it was felt that even if they could afford the operation they weren't psychologically ready for it until they were in their late 20s. Because even after such operations many people commit suicide because it wasn't what they expected either.

So, I was thinking as we move forward into the future how confused it all is going to get and thinking, "Oh God! What a real mess mankind is." And thought about all the unnecessary murders and suicides that will happen around this.

However, then there is Natural Selection which is an anthropological term which basically means, only those than can survive (by any means) survive in the end.

And we can look to our heredity to confirm this. Because we would not exist nor would anyone else unless our ancestors one by one were able to have sex, get pregnant, have us and raise us somehow. Otherwise, none of us would be here now.

So, what will the future bring?

Almost anything that can physically survive from microbes, animals, fish, insects, birds on up to humans. And Dinosaurs would still exist now (and likely not humans) if an asteroid hadn't crashed into the Gulf of Mexico which eventually killed all the biggest ones who were too big to hide in a cave so they wouldn't freeze or starve to death.

So, it should be very interesting to see what life forms survive here on earth if any the next 1000 years or so. I'd like to see what happens. Wouldn't you?

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