Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The importance of Scientific Inquiry to the whole human race

Scientific inquiry

I noticed people reading the above article so I reread it and found the concepts there both compiled (quoted) and commentary interesting.

I realized I had more to say on this subject. Because of friend of mine was studying Comparative Religion at UCLA starting around 1969 and eventually got a Bachelor's degree there in History and then a Master's degree in History specializing in Buddhism and Sanskrit there. So, approaching all religions with Scientific Inquiry for me and my friend at least is a no brainer.

I have the point of view of studying spirituality from this scientific perspective. Even phenomena that people in the past might have called "Magic" I see as scientifically reproducible as long as people have similar mental and intuitive abilities so they could scientifically reproduce these things.

A lot of life is about abilities, where for example, until you have someone who could run the mile in 4 minutes no one else could do it either. But once someone had done this another person and then another and another could also run the mile in 4 minutes or less.

The same is true of human breakthroughs like longevity. It is a no brainer that we will eventually see humans still alive and functional at 150 and 200 years of age. It is inevitable at the rate of present scientific breakthroughs. Will this happen to everyone? Probably not. But, it is a fact of life that this will happen for some people just like the first person to break the 4 minute mile for the very first time. 

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