Monday, March 23, 2015

This word button takes you to a Wikipedia site that is updated often every day or week now regarding ISIS

I wondered why so many people kept this article at one or two during the last 30 day increments and then I revisited it myself and realized people were coming back because you can find all the best new articles regarding what is happening with Isis worldwide by coming back to this site. So, politicians, U.S. military and Homeland defense department and just News Junkies all around the world can find out the latest that is in the public awareness in news articles from around the world regarding what is happening with ISIS.

Since the Whole World appears to be at war with ISIS now you can see why.

If you want to find the latest articles recommended by Wikipedia go down to where their resources are listed and there is usually a small number or a larger word button for each article listed there. just click on the button when you get there that takes you right to wikipedia for the latest.

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