Friday, March 27, 2015

Traveling for Easter

I'm planning on spending my Easter in Oregon with my two daughters and my wife and one of my daughter's boyfriends. So, I'm heading up as far as Mt. Shasta now. So, I'm on my way. As I was driving up it got up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit by  about Red Bluff or Redding going up Interstate 5 (which is really crazy for any March I ever remember here in Northern California. This might be expected in May or June but not March in any year I've ever seen before. However, it is true 110 to 115 in Redding or Red Bluff isn't unusual in August or September or even October either in any year.

Once I got away from the drizzly coastal fog, (The trees and plants really love this) the sky opened up and was clear inland as I drove up Interstate 5. My neighbor noted before I left that to the coastal trees Drizzle is rain while I experienced being drizzled upon by the early morning fog and drizzle.

I had wanted to go yesterday but realized I wasn't quite right for a 6 to 8 hour drive after my shingles shot depending upon the traffic and I sort of had promised myself never to travel anywhere on Fridays ever again after a couple of experiences especially anywhere within 4 to 6 hours of the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego Areas. Now that Gas is at lower prices everyone is driving everywhere especially on Fridays and Sunday Afternoon and evenings. So, if you are anywhere near this area during these days you have to leave between 4 to 6 am or earlier or leave  and be driving 9 pm or later to avoid traffic and even then you can't be sure you won't hit traffic caused by accidents, road repairs, road hazards etc. What seems to happen is most people get to their destinations by Saturday morning or late the night before. So, Saturdays aren't as bad as Fridays and Sunday afternoons and evenings when everyone is going home from wherever they went during the weekend.

California (when the gas price is low enough is probably the most traveling kind of people in the U.S. Because when the weather is good (It's really Good) and everyone who can afford it or get time off of work does. Also, the whole state is chock full of tourist destinations that all kinds of people love like deserts, mountains, oceans, Disneyland and you name it.

So, in my late 60s my symptoms after having a shingles shot were a lot like feeling I might be coming down with something or feeling sort of weak generally speaking. However, somehow I woke up on the right side of the bed and raring to go and so I went this morning. I'm writing this mostly just to inform you why I haven't been blogging today because I have been driving a long distance instead.

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