Wednesday, June 4, 2008

$1 every 2 miles

Lately I have been trying to grasp in real terms what $4 per gallon actually means. Yes. One way is to go fill up your gas tank when it's empty. However, another way is that if a vehicle gets:
8mpg it costs $1 for every 2 miles driven
16mpg it costs $1 for every 4 miles driven
32 mpg it costs $1 for every 8 miles driven
64 mpg it costs $1 for every 16 miles driven
128 mpg it costs $1 for every 32 miles driven
256 mpg it costs $1 for every 64 miles driven
I think the new apterra prototype gets 300 miles per gallon
300 mpg it costs $1 for every 75 miles driven.

(mpg=miles per gallon of gas)

And that is just your gas. That doesn't include engine, tire or drive train wear, insurance etc.

For me, this makes more sense even than filling my gas tank up. I can relate to this. There are no illusions.

I think the new Aptera gasoline hybrid can go across the US from coast to coast on 10 gallons of Gas(from NBC News this week)

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