Monday, June 23, 2008

Out of Control

Some people see the world as spinning out of control. However, if you talked to most people on earth what Americans call out of control is just standard operating procedures for most of the world. In a sense most of the world has NEVER been in control really. Take a look at Africa. When has Africa EVER been in control really. And the same with South America and Asia. When has either South america or Asia ever really been IN CONTROL, unless you mean in control as under a dictator or Emporer or Warlord.

No. Things in most of the world have ALWAYS been relatively out of control and even here in the U.S. during most of its existence things have been relatively chaotic since its inception and have only given the illusion of being in control during the 1950s and maybe 1990s. I don't think anyone who was over 16 in the late 1960s would have said things were in control in the United States then. Thing didn't feel in control to most people until Carter and Reagan were President. And even then, did anyone feel in control during the Cold War where we lived every day with the possibility of accidental nuclear war by either side. This made many people crazy on both sides of the Cold War.

NO. The only times things ever felt IN Control to me were the 1950s and the 1990s. Those were the only two decades that I ever felt things were in control in any useful way.

I just think that the 2000s are just so crazy and chaotic that they are a complete contrast and it just seems worse. The late 1960s felt just as nuts as things do now caused by Viet Nam and an extreme worldwide Social revolution that is still going on today.

I think a better way to put it than saying the world is "Out of Control" would be to say the "The world is going through major growing pains". I think that would be more useful.

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