Friday, June 13, 2008

OIl is no longer a solution

If this was 1960 to 1970 then oil would still be a solution. However, no big oil fields have been discovered on earth by anyone since 1967. All oil fields in the world have already peaked as of today except maybe Saudi Arabia.

Don't let anyone tell you that oil is the solution. Thirty years ago oil would have done it. Now, oil is basically over if we don't want worldwide revolution. We must begin to shift away from oil based fuels in order to not have one of the worst experiences on earth in recorded history. Already as a psychic I potentially have predicted a loss of 3 billion people to the present population level by 2100. This doesn't have to happen though if people wake up and change fuels NOW the way Brazil has done. If every country's primary fuel is not oil then we will all be relatively okay. But if people are so stupid that they off anyone with another idea competitive to oil then my prediction of a loss of 3 billion to the world population level by 2100 is likely to happen and all the work of those of us who can actually see potential futures and what will actually happen given different variables will have been in vain.

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