Monday, June 2, 2008

We are our own worst enemy

We Americans are our own worst enemy. When we had a defined enemy like the Soviet Union we were fine but since then we have fallen apart as a nation and are at each others throats all the time now.

Political Correctness is a disease. There should be a vaccination against it. It is destroying us. In 1989 when I was attending a California University I was horrified when any professor that had an opinion other than political correctness was fired. That was nuts. This is nuts.

Both Hillary and Obama have been the victims of severe discrimination. Their only difference is that Hillary was harmed and Obama was helped by these types of discrimination. This discrimination is based completely upon political correctness and may be the beginning of the end for our nation.

Political Correctness is diplomatically lying. All governance is based upon this kind of lying. It pervades all news outlets whether on TV or Newspaper. The only thing that approaches honesty is some blogging like this one and many others. ALL other paid for news is dishonest either by accident or by design and usually both.

Hillary was cruelly discriminated because she is white, rich, Bill Clinton's wife and most severely and cruelly because she is a woman. Obama was reverse discriminated by white people which artificially increased his standing among white, elitist, rich people who are well educated and sickeningly politically correct. In other words (congenital liars). Where will these people be in the November election. They will be artificially sad when the blue collar people for whom political correctness is something they see that is brown in a toilet have voted for McCain because blue collar people are honest and they are racist in the voting booth.

So, the end result of this is that likely McCain will be elected much to the consternation of white elitist democrats who say one thing and feel another secretly in their hearts.

However, this, for me, isn't why I'm angry the most. I can handle Obama getting reverse discrimination and helped by his race. I am embittered by the way Hillary was harmed by discrimination. So I feel happy in one way that Obama was helped by reverse discrimination and I am angry as a chivalrous man that Hillary has been so dishonored by her treatment by almost everyone. She was, after all, our first lady for 8 years. Could you imagine how angry Bush would be if his wife was treated this badly?

Now, to top it off, though I agree with how the delegate thing was handled I am very angry with how the people who actually voted in Michigan and Florida. If their votes are cut in half it makes the votes of everyone else who voted in the primaries invalid in a way too all throughout the country just based upon fairness alone.

To sum up no matter who wins the election in November the democrats have already ruined it for America! It will not be fair no matter who wins now. It's 2000 all over again just in a different sick way!

All Americans and the world will eventually suffer from this stupidity. Anyone with even half a brain can see this!

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