Sunday, June 1, 2008

I don't get paid for Adds at my blog

I just wanted people reading my blogs to know I have never received even a penny for any adds at my site. Primarily, this is because I won't give my social security number over the internet so they can pay me. For me, this is just common sense.

For example, since I started working with computers in 1966 on the old IBM 360s and 1620s. After about 10 years after that computers became a hobby for me, after I started owning businesses myself. By then I had learned to program in Fortran and Cobol and taught myself the Basic language on my first home computer, a TRS-80 in 1978.

The point I am making is doing taxes online, for example, is just a great way to lose your identity as well as all your personal information to everyone around the world that you wouldn't want to have it.

So, giving my social security number to get a few dollars for putting adds on my site is just really crazy to me. But since about 50% of the adds I think are interesting, useful, or fun, I let them stay. However, I have no say in which adds are put here, they just (as far as I am concerned appear there spontaneously). I'm as surprised as you are when we see some of them.

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