Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being in the Right place at the Right time

It is said all enlightened beings like Jesus and Buddha and the rest are like this. Being in the right place at the right time is not just physical. It is being in the right state of consciousness at the right moment to most efficiently affect all the trillions and trillions of beings not only in this galaxy but all others whether any of them are aware of it or not. It is very much like being an atom bomb of enlightenment each moment in your affect throughout all time and space.

Maybe its because of studying with many masters in previous lifetimes who were like this I came into my body even as a child knowing this intuitively. As a child I watched people do amazing physical feats and intellectual ones as well. What I noticed about all of them from the time even before I was 2 was that they all were "in tune" with the infinite. There was no accident in consciousness or in action. They were perfect in what they did this particular moment because they had learned intuitively how and when to be in that special moment. Even at 2 years old no one had to tell me when someone was 'there'. They either were or they weren't. Like Yoda once said, "There is no try only do." If you know its your moment you simply do.

Some people might have only one or a few moments like this in their entire lives. Others might have their whole lives as this one moment. It all depends on the soul and the intuitive timing of things.

I'm 60 now. I notice it is more important than ever to make certain that I am in the right place and the right time because I can. I'm much more aware of being a master of this in my life. I'm very aware that when I can be perfect at this it can affect trillions of beings throughout the universe. It is kind of like a dance. Some call it the Dance of Shiva. Some call Shiva the destroyer but my experience is not that.
What Shiva does is like the cleansing of a wound filled with dirt and blood to begin the healing. What Shiva does is take away the pain or even the memory so one can begin again, sometimes reincarnated into the same life anew or even as a whole new person in a whole new body. My experience of Shiva is about unimaginable kindness so one must not suffer forever in a body that no longer works. I would say a better way to call Shiva would be Shiva the Renewer of souls. Saying Shiva the Destroyer is when one wants to scare children into following the rules. But the adult kind being that most of us really are experiences the Dance of Shiva as renewal and reawakening!

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