Friday, June 27, 2008

Mars can support life

AFter testing the soil the latest robot we sent to Mars sent information back that life either once existed on Mars and/or the soil there would be great for growing asparagus right now, for example.

Ever since the Soviets sent a probe to the asteroid belt in the 1970s and found out that the asteroid belt was likely a planet blown up by a surface thermonuclear war I have suspected that Mars was once an inhabited planet like Earth and the Asteroid belt when it was a planet. I also suspect that a chunk of the Asteroid belt planet hit earth at that time and killed all the big dinosaurs who couldn't seek shelter in caves and cracks or under the ocean when it hit. Maybe humans are part Mars and Asteroid belt planet humanoids. Who knows. I think studying Mars might give us all clues about this.

It is possible that since Mars is nearer the Asteroid belt the explosion of the Asteroid belt planet from nuclear weapons blew off Mars' atmosphere and killed all or most of the people there.

Though the incident about the asteroids being a planet destroyed by thermonuclear war was suppressed in the western press likely by Christians who couldn't cope with this information, this information was published in Pravda and likely in Izvestia at that time as well.

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