Friday, June 6, 2008

On Being Gifted

Everyone is gifted in some way, even if it is being able to tie cherry stems in ones mouth with only their tongue and teeth. My gift, however, is knowing things before they happen. Very often, this saves not only my own life but also many others as well.

When I was really young I thought everyone could do what I do because I was a child and didn't know any better. As I grew up I found that one had to be careful who one talked to about this sort of thing because in the 1950s people in America were still pretty superstitious in a lot of ways. It is much less so now that so many more people have been through high school and College and world travel was (up until now) fairly cheap during the 1960s through a few years ago. As people got exposed to more divergent cultures everyone it seemed became sophisticated and became de facto citizens of earth and not just people who never ever left their town or religion that thought an original thought in their entire life. College taught critical thinking and the scientific method and rationality and reasoning. Creating a balance between all the old wives tales we were all taught growing up and our newfound knowledge obtained through direct experience has always been and will always be a challenge for everyone to process through and to survive.

I have met and conversed with many many people with IQs above 200. Most of the time I find these types of people are too intelligent for their own good. In other words like Einstein was reported to have said, "Without common sense intelligence is useless"

Luckily, though I was always a risk taker growing up I always had the common sense to know when to quit. Often I sadly knew others who didn't know when to quit and who were maimed or died because of their lack thereof.

So, I would say the single most important thing one needs besides good health is common sense. Super intelligence can get in the way and even be eventually fatal otherwise.

I have, what appears to be a powerful intuitive common sense that allows me not only to know what is coming but to prepare for it. Sometimes, I sense the next 10 or 20 years and what is coming and I want to throw up, like the last few weeks.

Though the group adaptive genius of mankind might surprise me once I presently don't understand how to help prevent millions starving to death and millions more killing for food that I see as fairly inevitable worldwide.

The single most important factor to survive physically the next 25 years would be to be in one of the richer more stable nations on earth. Though, I suppose if you are intuitive with common sense like me you could be anywhere on earth because you could avoid death unless it was your time to go. So, it is of course up to you what you do.

However, expecting half or more of the nations on earth might likely collapse during the next 25 to 50 years through food riots and worse might be a good place to start.

The problem as I see it is this:unless the world as nations go beyond profit and move toward helping their people survive the collapse of many of the poorer nations there will be many many very long term serious consequences that likely will take place.

The idea that we can grow more with oil prices this high isn't going to work because people still can't afford the food grown using the oil products like gas and diesel because the cost of the gas and diesel will make food costs prohibitive for most on earth.

The second problem is that the weather is not going to cooperate. Droughts and winds and hurricanes(cyclones), floods etc. will inevitably increase as the polar ice caps melt. When all the ice is gone from the north pole by june one year, you will begin to see extreme gyrations of weather worldwide. People will see the wisdom of living underground where they are able and creating earth berms covering their homes where there is too much water under the earth to live underground easily. So trying to increase the amount of food grown (at least the way things are grown now) won't work at all. So under present conditions a 50% loss of the amount of people now on earth by 2100 is very realistic as an estimate.

Now, if you can imagine what the starving to death of 3 billions or more of people during this century will do to the psyche of those still alive then you can imagine what life will be like in 2100 here on earth.

Note: It is important to remember my motivation for writing all this. As a lifelong precognitive psychic I have discovered that if I speak or write about what I see the future often changes to a better future. My motivation is to help to create a 1,000,000 year plus human civilization on earth and beyond. I write to help humans not go extinct as humans or extinct as civilizations. I already see the distinct possibility that human civilization might end and we could go back to cave man and cave woman. I think civilization offers less suffering than everyone dying but maybe 100,000 people which within a few generations would likely be a cave man and cave woman reality.

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