Tuesday, June 3, 2008

President Obama?

It is my present belief that the only way Obama can actually win the Presidency is if Hillary is running as his Vice President. One of the reasons that this might be important to the American people is just safety. Obama could be a target for racists. However, it is not the 1960s when Martin Luther King, JFK and Bobby Kennedy were all gunned down so it is anyone's guess about this sort of thing. There is a strange quality about how everything changes but how everything remains the same at the same time.

I think people will just feel safer with Hillary and her husband Bill near the President and available to him in times of extreme danger as consultants that he can reach out to as sounding boards in difficult times. Because with the look of things now with up to 20% of airline service being curtailed in the next 6 months around the country because of fuel prices and American citizens numbed by waiting for $6 dollar a gallon gas by August with homes unable to be sold at any price things look pretty bad. Many people have lost all hope, at least for now. Give them some time to catch their breath.

I think that in order for Obama to be elected President for all the reasons I've given and more that Americans won't feel safe electing Obama as President unless Hillary is his running mate.

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